A Picture of Narration...

As knowledge is not assimilated until it is reproduced, children should "tell back" after a single reading or hearing: or should write on some part of what they have read.

Charlotte Mason (Vol. 6, Chapter 10 The Curriculum, p. 155)

While every year is a journey of sorts, this semester has been quite a journey for myself as well as for my oldest daughter. Her days of energy have been shortened and her desire to do the simplest of tasks becomes taxed. School has taken a back seat to doctor's appointments, hospital visits, physical therapy, and tests. As we come out of the fog, the following has plagued me most. How do we function? Can we "catch up?" I feel so behind.

There is no doubt that I like things neat and tidy...including my life! :-) But that is hardly a reasonable expectation nor is it even a promise from God. Coming to terms with her illness was easy. Coming to terms with how to handle the mess it leaves behind was (and is) harder than I thought. Thankfully, God is in control!

Today, we laid in bed. Her anatomy book on her lap and her hand in mine. As she read, I massaged the aching fingers. She journaled but then fatigue took over. Still I massaged the joints and she laid with her eyes closed and narrated the chapter she had just read. I am humbled by the realization that God had already placed this philosophy in my path...that He placed this understanding that education is not worksheets and checkboxes. We have been sowing the seeds of narration for several years now. The understanding that by retelling information one creates ownership of that information gives me peace. We can be unconventional but with purpose.


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