Congratulations Graduate...

Everyone rose with the sun and the chaos of the day began. There was much to do before heading off to the ceremony. This morning the evidence of the week had left it's mark on her. It was the brightest she had seen in months. There as she stared in the mirror she could see the familiar sun-kissed mark, the butterfly rash. The week had taken its toll. I was reminded of my sister's words as she shared how every big event in her life was bittersweet. The thrill and excitement was accompanied by the underlying fear that fatigue, aches, or even a flair up would rear its ugly head. This would be what living with chronic illness would be like.

This morning I saw a glimpse of something. Maybe God knew that I would need reassuring as I let go of my oldest daughter on this significant day. Maybe He knew that she needed a reminder that He is in control of ALL things! She came in to the kitchen and pointed towards her butterfly rash. "Look, there it is!" she exclaimed.Then I heard something I had not heard before..."Oh well it will just looks like I've been in the sun." she remarked casually.

We filled our day with pictures, food, memories and of course a beautiful tribute to the accomplishment of completing her primary education.

Congratulations to our graduate...Lauryn! We are so so proud of you.


Kelly said...

Congrats, sweet Lauryn. I did not notice a rash... you looked beautiful, relaxed, and happy to me!

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