Ambitious Goals Retold...

It is true. Yesterday my imagination overtook my brain and I created a long and tiring to-do list. But I thought I would share some humorous highlights from the day.

  • After announcing to the kids itwas time to work in the garden, I came outside to notice my 7 yr. old in his yellow hard hat and tool belt (all tools accounted for) bent over the garden pulling weeds. Maybe my instructions were a garden?weed a garden? :-)
  • Busily pruning our crape myrtle tree I noticed how beautiful and silent it was so I paused to look around and discovered I had been abandoned to work alone! Good help is so hard to find.
  • We found an old wasp's nest on a tree branch I pruned. The two youngest were discussing whether or not we should keep it when the 7 yr. old matter-of-factly replied, "It's nature. We should keep it."
  • I moved to the gardenia bush next. This has been my garden nemesis as disease has tried to take this sweet smelling joy away from me. While deep in the pruning process I turned my head and (gross alert) poked the pupil of my eye with a stick. Swollen and red it was quite a sight to see. Thankfully it is sore but much better today!
  • While all this was going on I marinated pork spare ribs with fresh rosemary and sage. When my husband came home from work he threw them on the grill and we dined divinely. I looked like a one-eyed pirate but we were making memories! haha
I am sure there are many life lessons from yesterday. We did more home than schooling but still it was an enoyable day.


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