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At the beginning of the school year, I wrote about a new way we were going to do our timelines this school year. We were going to try our hand at Miss Beale's Century Chart. You can read more about that HERE. We spent the year working through Tapestry of Grace Year 4 and put it all down in our Century Chart.

So I thought I would share my thoughts. My first attempts were quite challenging because art and I have never truly gotten along but I persevered and began my  first few entries. LOL We also decided to keep a key of our pictures on the page across from the chart. This helped us as we reviewed. I am not sure if there were any true "rules" to this so we may have taken some liberties. For example to illustrate the Red Scare I colored the block with a red colored pencil and wrote the word scare over top. Yes I know very imaginative but I warned you that art and I did not mesh. :-) I also chose NOT to tell the kids what to put in their charts. This is their own personal view history and my job is to be nothing more than a guide. I did not want to intrude on this. As we conclude this year, we will be including a summary of the century underneath.

I can't wait to include this in our history next year as we return to TOG Year 1. We will be studying more than one century so it will be a bit more fast-paced. Using the century chart this year was a great way to introduce the concept and prepare for more. At this time, my vision is to purchase a sketch book and put in the century blocks before we start the school year. This will give us time to walk through the century and choose what we would like to put down.

Century Chart example


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