Narration Cube

Narration in a Jar cubes
Last night I read to my 6 year old from Winnie the Pooh. He chose the story "Eyeore loses his Tail." After we finished we got my narration cubes out. First he rolled characters so I had him name all the characters in the story we read. Then he rolled connections. I asked him what were some things he was reminded of while we were reading. Since Owl had taken Eyeore's tail and used it as a bell pull, mistakenly of course, Ben and I were reminded of the bell pull from The Wizard of Oz. Then he rolled on N which meant we could be creative. So I had him take his stuffed animals and create his own version of the story. He called it "Rabbit loses his Tail."
We had such a fun night! I love nights like that!

I wrote this after another amazing Living books moment. Enjoy!


The Nature Of Reading said...

Yeah! Welcome Friend!

Jennie said...

Priceless moments....

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