Exams...with a twist

This past week, my 11th grader and I have been preparing for exam week. She has been reviewing the quarter and I have been busy preparing the exams. This year, with the help of virtual co-oping, we have really been able to flesh out topics and create the much needed atmosphere of discussion. One of my goals is to teach my children to communicate (both written and verbal) eloquently their ideas and beliefs.

Here is a peek at her Literature exam

  • Using the novel, Pride & Prejudice explain how the author catches and holds the reader's attention.
  • Reflecting on the various poets you have studied explain how one poets artistry spoke to you.

Over the past few weeks these questions have been part of our ongoing discussions. These questions were not meant to be a surprise for her but rather an opportunity to show layers of knowledge she has regarding the two topics. My goal was not to see if she could "guess" random facts about the material read but rather to build life long relationships with them. We never tire of the Bennett family and we never stop learning from them. They are familiar. They are comfortable. These relationships are not forced or contrived. For me, it is far better to intimately know the characters than to make a 100% on a shallow reading comprehension test.


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