A whole new world...

Last week was our first sessions of virtual co-op and it feels like a whole new world has opened up for our family. Armed with humor, two laptops, PowerPoint, and our texts for school we began our journey.

The first class was a Study Hall of sorts. We spoke briefly of Jane Austen and tried to began discussing her beautiful work, Pride & Prejudice (one of our family favorites). This was also a great opportunity to learn more about the functions www.wiziq.com has to offer. This online learning tool allows the students to raise their hands, work directly on the whiteboard, and type questions as we go along. Our second class was an adventure in Apologia's Human Anatomy. A few weeks prior, I had begun a developing a PowerPoint presentation that hit the highlights of the chapter as well as answer the study guide questions. Students were able to interact with the whiteboard and each other.

The idea of the virtual world has always intrigued me. My children are all 4-5 years apart in age. This presents a challenge when looking for co-ops and extra classes because inevitably some one will be left out. I love the accountability that a co-op brings and for me this has been a great merge.


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