Kids say the darndest things...

Recently our family has recovered from the swine flu. While laying in bed I tried to keep my mind off of my misery and found myself traveling down memory lane. So I thought I would share a "best of" post on some of our more humorous moments.

The newest arrival
Living in California, we were expecting our third child. On the day of her arrival my husband and I were doing what we always did on the 1st and at the commissary. While picking out the usual items I began to notice waves of pain in my back. Quietly I leaned over to my husband and informed him I thought I was in labor. I've never seen a man move so fast. We checked out quickly as my husband pulled the "my wife is in labor card" to the cashier and made our way back home. He shuffled the kids over to our neighbor and off we went to greet our newest addition. After she was born, we called our neighbor to let her know that all was well and we had welcomed in a new daughter. Hanging up the phone she turned to our 5 year old daughter Lauryn and said, "Lauryn you have a beautiful baby girl!" Lauryn, in her usual manner, rolled this over in her mind and replied, "I hope so. I sure didn't want an ugly one!"

How do you spell your name?
One evening my five year old son, Ben came upstairs to ask a very serious question. "Mom," he began "how do you spell your name?" "M-O-M" I replied. Pausing a moment to consider my words he said, "Is that your first name or your last name?"

A conversation with God
Our oldest son, James has a wonderful imagination. He had an incredible gift to get lost in the world of make-believe. At the age of 10, we had begun involving him in more responsibility around the house. Frustrated and tired James vocalized his fatigue with a serious discussion. In response to my husband encouraging him that God had indeed created him to work, James replied "Dad I didn't come here to work. I came to earth to have fun." This struck my funny bone as an image developed in my mind. There in heaven, God is handing out each of our life assignments. "Moses, I want you to lead my people out of Egypt. Noah you will build a great arc. And James...James oh you just go have fun!"


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