One small step for man...

Today has been one been one of those days...

As the children quickly ran off to all corners of the house to explore their more leisurely passions, my friend and I began exploring ours. Yes, I am a complete nerd. I love reading, planning, and discussing school. With laptops running, papers strewn across the table, and laughter filling the room we began the task at hand. This year we are using Tapestry of Grace (TOG) Year 3 and are now in Unit 3. As each child grows, I continue to tweak and improve in all areas. I feel an excitement as I read through the Unit synopsis and my imagination runs wild. I admit it...I can get carried away but I love learning!

Today's task to work with my friend on best adapting Unit 3 to our particular needs. I have heard TOG described as a buffet table. There are many choices and each family will have similar "plates" but not exactly the same. That is what drew me to TOG in the first place. It is perfect for many types of families. In our home, we currently have 3 of the 4 classical levels.

  1. Rhetoric
  2. Dialect
  3. Upper Grammar

This can make teaching a challenge if each child is on his own individual plan. But using the unit study approach can simplify the process.

Today, I worked through the reading lists and began adapting. My youngest (7) has been blessed with growing up in a more Charlotte Mason friendly home. This year we are making a history book filled with maps, oral narrations, and pictures. He has enjoyed reading living books and then re-telling me what he has heard. So using my library's online catalog search and, I began building his reading list for this unit. My daughter (12) is my more literal child and so we searched for activities and reading that would help develop and excite her. For my oldest (16), we discussed the virtual co-op plans and went ahead and wrote out our exam questions Charlotte Mason style. I will post those in my next blog. What an accomplished day!


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