Last week I packed up our bags and traveled to Port Canaveral, Florida. With excitement, my husband and I boarded our first cruise ship. Travelling by ship made my mind spin. As I looked out on to the horizon I began wondering this view is what caused many men to believe the earth was flat. After all the sea seemed to seamlessly join the sky in a variety of blue colors. Did Columbus and his men ever become tired of looking at the beauty of the ocean? Were they mesmerized by the sight of trees far off as they grew tired of their sea legs? One afternoon we saw several ships, both cruise liners and tankers, and again my mind traveled back in time pondering a scene of war. Is this what it looked like to look out into the sea and see your enemy on the far horizon? Sitting on the deck, waiting for the sun to set the dark blue ocean reminded me of wrinkled skin. As the sun sank further toward the ocean, I pondered the many explorers who braved the unknown in search of adventure, profit, and curiosity. I have found a new love for the sea and a deeper appreciation for HIStory!


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