Taking My Temperature...

A long time ago, I got some of the best advice I have ever received from a wise woman. I doubt she even knows what an impact she had on me. We were sitting around the dining room table while children played upstairs and outside. The house was filled with conversation and laughter, but I heard her loud and clear.

The wife (mother) is the thermostat for the house. If she is running hot, the house will run hot too.

Oh how many times I have pondered that statement and the truth that lie within. There is no doubt that with school, housework, church, children's activities, and guests we, as moms, can run on steam. Quick to temper; stretched too thin. How many times have I been stressed and seen it amplified in our home? And then I hear her words...

The wife (mother) is the thermostat for the house.

This lesson isn't just for tempers. We laugh about the truth that when mom is sick the whole house falls apart but there her words still reflect wisdom. If I am sick, my house falls a bit "under the weather" as well. I love applying this statement because often I find where I am falling short for my family. It is a constant transformation and I am thankful for God's grace and allowing me to pauce in the midst of a fun afternoon to listen to the wisdom of one who has already walked my path.

This week we started back to school after a long but much-needed rest. My prayer is to consider these words and check my own temperature. How's your thermostat? :-)


Kelly Keller said...

I think that's a quote from The Excellent Wife. I know I've read it somewhere! So true!

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