Project Life...

Project Life
Have you heard of seen this? Project Life?

I will be honest and tell you that I was completely clueless. I saw some tweets about it but still wasn't sure what it was. Then I was on shutterfly this weekend working on my annual family photo album.

Yes, I am a wee bit behind but hey at least I am getting it done!

Anyhow, while starting my photo book I noticed that one of my choices was Project Life and of course being the curious sort I started exploring. I was hooked! I have always been a scrapbook lover but have gone digital in the interest of time. At the end of each year, we choose the best of the best and put it in our album and then I journal the year. I love doing it! But now I am a little excited about the possibilities. Project Life is both digital and paper so you have your pick. The pages are fun and intentioned and I am hooked! So who else wants to Project Life with me?


Michelle (michabella) said...

I keep seeing Project Life on Pinterest! If I had the time I would love to do this!

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