Post-holiday To-do's...

The last few hours of 2011 have expired and the decorations have all been packed away. New toys are being played with and we have said good bye to our guests and relatives. The party season has ended and life can now return to normal.

This past week, we began the joyful process of reorganizing and putting life back in order. I pulled out an old favorite, Organized Simplicity and started the task. The first day we worked in the kitchen moving things around. My thought process was to discard the clutter and make simple changes.

Switched cabinets and created better zones for cooking.

I was merciless with my Tupperware, no mate...not staying

After that we moved on to our den. This room has been a work-in-progress for months so it felt good to get in here with a trash bag and Pinterest for inspiration. We played around with our family gallery wall and rearranged my desk area. I even had fun getting crafty. This is still unfinished but now I have better vision of what needs to be done to complete. I can now enjoy the journey without all the frustration.

Thankful for a talented husband who tolerates my ideas!

I have been playing around with this for a long time. I saw just what I was trying to achieve in BHG magazine.
Can't wait until it is done.

Our final day of 2011 we spent our afternoon in the living room and dining room. Our donation box has gotten bigger and our trash can is full and it feels so good.

As we ring in the new year, I am rereading Organized Simplicity and contemplating once again the atmosphere of my home and how best to manage it. I would love to have some company and maybe even a fun book club night and share. For now I am armed with my favorite things and ready to tackle the new year. This week, I am switching gears and spending time preparing for school.


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