She Blinded Me with Science...

And you thought I was going to sing? Nope! Instead I feel like talking about science. This is just not a subject I am strong in. If given the opportunity I will farm this one out to any willing body (usually in the form of co-op). However this year we have chosen not to participate in a co-op and so I must trudge through.

First off what what we use:

Apologia Biology

Biology 101 DVD
Handbook of Nature Study
 I wanted the girls to build a biology notebook over the course of the year so we put our work in a sketch book. In here is a place to write down our narrations and vocabulary as well as draw. We have progressed slowly but I was still looking for more. Over the Christmas break, I found just what I was looking for.

Marty at Homeschooler's Resources has done a fantastic job at breaking down each module and offering extra materials to help understanding, including links to videos and an easy to read explanation. I have also used this as a quick teacher-prep resource to help me review the module and prepare the girls for the test. She has also linked to two other great resource blogs.

Michelle at Applie's Place
Julie at Mindful Ramblings
Loretta at Books 'n Other Stuff

With her help and a little bit of perseverance, I think we will do alright.


Kelly Keller said...

I'm with you...SO GLAD the boys are doing science at co-op! these look like good resources, though!

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