And That's a Period...

Today is our oldest daughter's birthday so in honor of her 18 years of life, I thought I would share 18 memories we have shared with Lauryn.

18. From the time she was a baby she jet-setted between Florida, Tennessee and even New York. Every time she saw my mom she would grab her suitcase and wave goodbye to me.
17. As a toddler, she had an independent streak (wait she still does!).
16. To let us know she was serious, she would end her comments with the phrase, "And that's a period!"
15. She NEVER wore pants until we moved to North Carolina and it was too cold to wear dresses.
14. Every day we walked 1 1/2 miles (each way) to take James to school. She always made the walk an adventure sometimes with her baby dolls and occasionally with her stroller.
13. After shower time, she would run down the hallway, with her hair all poofed up from having it blow dried upside down, and say, "Mommy I'm worth it!" Remember the L'Oreal commercials.
12. When her sister was born...well you'll just have to read it for yourself.
11. She loved to watch Sesame Street but would cleverly leave the room during the educational parts and then return for the fun stuff.
10.  When riding with in her aunt's convertible, she would always ask to put the "lid" down.
9. She broke her arm when she fell off her bike...with training wheels just after we moved to North Carolina.9. After watching the Olsen twins' movie, Holiday in the Sun, she mentioned to one of her aunts that she wanted to go to the Bahamas one day just like the Olsen's. Within just a few months she was playing at the Atlantis and swimming with dolphins on her very own Holiday in the Sun.
7. Trying to give her an outlet for her desire to rescue animals, she volunteered at a shelter. We had told her she could not have an animal unless she could pay for the shots. Thinking we had dodged a bullet we sighed with relief. Within just a few weeks she informed us that she had 2 puppies that needed a home and their shots were already paid for! And so we got Izzy & George
6. One morning after dropping our youngest daughter off at school, Lauryn called me on the cell phone to ask if dad would be mad if she rescued a cat from the rainstorm. I told her probably not but she should ask him. "Good," she replied, "he's already in the cat kennel in the basement."
5. Great conversations about anything and everything late into the night.
4. Watching Jane Austen and Cary Grant movies with her on any number of nights.
3. The day her little brother was born she had it all planned out.
2. Walking with her during our Walks for Lupus Now.
1. Watching her over the past few years as she learns who God wants her to be.
Sitting with the lid down!

Happy 18th Birthday!


Kelly said...

Such great memories! Happy birthday, Lauryn!

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