Back to Basics...

Today I have the privilege of speaking to some local moms about spelling and the early years. I am always humbled as I begin preparing for things like this, feeling completely unworthy of such opportunities. I don't have any special credentials or fancy titles. I am just a mom passionate about educating her children.

I am thankful for the journey I am taking. There is no doubt that I have been stretched beyond my comfort zone, doing things I did not think I was capable of. I think that is the point though. We are stretched beyond ourselves because it is not ourselves that are doing it. I am thankful for the strength and sovereignty of God. When we first began this adventure (back when I was a refugee), I knew the basic elements of education we wanted to instill in our children.

  • a life-long love of learning
  • strong readers
  • strong communicators, both orally and written
  • math skills (that included finances)
This has been the cornerstone of our school. Ironically when I find myself dissatisfied with our schooling, I can trace it back to the fact that we have strayed from those elements. I have let the "latest thing" grab my attention and have lost sight of that which was instilled in me from the beginning of our schooling career. Identifying my educational philosophy has helped me navigate through the waters of vast curriculum. It has also helped me to grow my skills as an educator and make difficult decisions during challenging times. I love taking the summer to reacquaint myself with the basics.


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