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Ward Motel
When I was a little girl, I can remember packing up the car and driving for what felt like hours to the beach. (It was only an hour away) Our little Honda hatchback would be loaded down with everything but the kitchen sink. I have a vivid memory of this yellow float with the Hawaiian punch character on it. Add that to my flaming red hair and you would not be able to miss me on the beach!

This past weekend we loaded up our van and headed down to Florida to watch one of my nephews get married at Cocoa Beach. This is the kid I used to babysit in high school so I am feeling a wee bit old as I ponder the reality that he is old enough to be married. :-) All week long our family was chatting on Facebook about all of being together minus one. He would be in Afghanistan serving our country. This soldier is on of three brothers; he is also a twin. To make matters worse this would be the second wedding he has had to miss because, yes you guessed it, he was serving our country then as well. I will share more on this part of the story later but I must return to my original point.

The beach has always been a place I love. Tons of childhood memories spill over. We were there every summer. It was one of those times where all seven of us would get together. I am 8-16 younger than the rest of my siblings so often Mom and I would go to the beach and every one else would come in and stay between work or school. I wonder if my parents were that intentioned or did it just spill over. We were together, all of us and it was great. I am thankful that we are so close. I know that time well spent layed the foundation for what we reap now...a deep sense of family.

My grandfather owned a motel on New Symrna Beach, Florida way back when. As I was thinking about this I thought I'd google the name just for kicks and what do you know? I found a place that sells his old postcards.

Road side view


Cindy Elavsky said...

What? If you guys had that hotel when we were in HS and we never took advantage, I might never speak to you again! ;) — Cindy

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