The Best Laid Plans...

Fifteen years ago my husband and I had set the date. We were going to be married in Tennessee during February. I wanted to use my mother's wedding dress but even at 104 lbs. I was too big for her beautiful satin dress. Instead I would wear my sister's gown. The alterations were made and since I couldn't wear her dress I would use her tiara with my veil. The wedding party was simple his two brothers and my two sisters. The colors would be black and white.

My husband was active duty Air Force at the time and had expressed concern about base housing with my father and I. The waiting list was almost 6 months long and only those with a valid marriage lisence would be allowed on the list. It was agreed that my parents and I would fly out to California and we would elope. I would return to Tennessee and wait until February where my husband would join me as we restated our vows in front of family and friends. The invitation would have to be tweaked but this would be best for our situation. At the last minute my father decided to stay behind (can't really remember the reason) and so it was just my mother and I. After arriving, we got settled in for the night. The next day we would become man and wife. I borrowed a white suit and my mother stopped in the airport and bought a red rose. This wasn't really a big deal. The WEDDING was several months away so the little things were not so important to me because my day was still coming.

At the end of the weekend, I flew back to Tennessee and prepared for the next few months. I had wedding details to finalize. On a side note, the week I returned home I became sick and an ambulance was called. I remember the ENT asking my name and me pausing trying to figure out which name to maiden name or my newly married name. When my sister arrived at the hospital it took her some time to find me because she did not know we had eloped! A family emergency brought my husband to the East coast and he came with good news. We had a home on base! It was decided that we would travel back to California and return in February to have the ceremony. We were all very excited. Another side note, this move to California is where I discovered that I had CHICKEN POX. Yes, I said chicken pox. I can not think of a more romantic trip than traveling cross country as newlyweds.

During the next few months we were finalizing the details for our simple wedding and then my husband brought news to me. He would be leaving to go to Saudi Arabia during that time. After a range of emotions, I called off the ceremony. It's kind of hard to have a wedding without the groom! Our planning switched gears as now we made plans for his absence instead. February drew closer and we were still awaiting the final details on his TDY but no word. Frustrated my husband went to find out the details bringing his copy of the orders. Everyone in the office was confused. They had no orders for him. After some digging it was discovered that a man in Jay's unit thought it would be funny to have us think he was being sent overseas. He then got orders himself and had left NEVER telling us of his practical joke.

And so it goes...the best laid plans...It is a good thing that I wanted a beautiful marriage and not just a wedding!


Woodpile Mom said...

Your story makes me laugh. Your story makes me cry. Your assessment of the situation and acceptance makes me admire you even more.

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