Valentine's Day...McSteininurley Style

Very rarely do I have my act together but this Valentine's I wanted to bring the homemade back to the holiday. Inspired by the idea to live simply, we began our preparations over the weekend.

Making Red Velvet truffles
Over the weekend my youngest and I made Oreo truffles and Red Velvet truffles. We had a good time and even had a magical moment. I asked him to read the recipe as we went through the kitchen and pulled it out. He got to the Oreos and looked at me with a curious face. We don't buy a lot of sweets so he was thinking there would be none. I told him to close his eyes and we should wish together that there would be Oreos. He squeezed his eyes tightly as we chanted, "I wish we had some Oreos." Then we began searching. I let him discover the package I had hidden away and he was thrilled to see them appear! After putting all the cookies in the bowl and realizing he wanted some more, he tried chanting again. I told him only one wish for the day. :-)

We started off the morning with homemade Cinnamon Muffins made from my homemade Crock Pot Yogurt.
Can you see how proud I am? :D


We were wild about this Valentine craft from the Tip Junkie. The perfect place for our truffles.

This little lady stole the show!
We had an additional family with us and all the girls took turns playing with her,
reading to her, & even taking walks with her
Of course the day is not complete with out an edible craft!
This week we had a total of 4 families: 3 teachers, 6 girls, and 4 boys. We had preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school and even attacked some difficult subjects. I truly am thankful for my partners in crime. They make it look easy! 


Kelly said...

I'm so thankful my kiddos were so well taken care of! I was feeling sad that I couldn't do V's day stuff with the kids but I know they had a total blast at your house and that more than made up for it!

Shelley@OurStoryinProgress.blogspot said...

We loved it! It was so much fun. The boys kept themselves entertained and M kept us entertained.

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