You've Lost that Loving Feeling...

My husband and I did not "date" the way most people think of dating. I lived in Tennessee and he lived in New York. We saw each other four times over the course of a year and on the fourth time we got married. In between each visit we wrote letters and talked on the phone (this was prefacebook and preskype). Naturally, once we were married  the letters stopped. This had been such a deep part of our relationship going cold turkey had its effects.

During a more self indulgent moment, I shared with my new husband that, to quote an old song, he had lost that loving feeling. We needed to go out more I exclaimed. This was no easy task since we were a young family stationed across the country from our own family and friends. This meant no babysitters so I told him that we WERE going to have Date Night and it was not going to be in our sweats with the kids running around! I worked all afternoon on a menu suitable from any restaurant, got the kids showered and settled in to bed, showered myself and dressed up for the occasion. While hustling around my husband took off in the car. A little while later the telephone rang, it was him calling from the payphone at the corner shopette. He was calling to see if I wanted to go out on a date with him! :-) He told me he'd stop by the house in a little while to "pick me up."

It is one of my favorite dates. We didn't spend a lot of money. It was simple. It was fulfilling! Do you have a favorite Date Night memory? Love to hear yours.


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