One Man's Trash...

We all know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." So this weekend we went treasure-hunting!

The plan was to check out the garage sale of The Nester and hopefully come home with lots of goodies. A group of ladies from church were going to meet up and then head over together, get a quick cup of coffee, and then go shopping.

Around 5:45 AM I opened my 17 year old's bedroom door and cheerfully asked, "Are we doing this?" She hopped out of bed threw on her sweats and we were off. Of course every early morning adventure has to have hiccups and we had our share. First I plugged in the address to the GPS in my phone and started driving. The phone was rather quiet so I kept asking my daughter what it said. She kept telling me to turn left. After a few left turns I became suspicious and grabbed the phone only to discover that the signal had frozen. AHH there is no time for getting lost. So we had to improvise. Thank goodness for cell phones and friends who answer them! LOL

We love looking for books!
A few more wrong turns later and we were finally all together and awake so we piled in to my van and headed down the road hunting first for a Dunkin Donuts and then the garage sale.

My personal treasures included a gold chair and a vintage edition of the Foxe's Book of Christian Martyrs of the world. Later this week I will show off my chair but first I really need to figure out exactly where I am going to put it. I will be making a call to the redesign-fairy very soon! ;-) Hope she answers...


Sharyn said...

ReDesign Fairy on the way....!:)

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