Friday Funnies....

On Mondays, we have a mini co-op here in our home. One of the benefits of including an "almost finished" homeschool mom is that she has some free time on her hands. So while I am teaching the history portion she is available to help my younger two if they should have questions. This week she was helping my 8 year old with his math. During their conversation, she commented to him that he was pretty good in math and then asked what his favorite subject was. He thought about it and replied rather enthusiastically, "Dictation! It's really easy. All I have to do is speak and then write it down."

In our home we are trying our hand at the dictation modeled during the Childlight USA conference. Simply put we are feasting on ideas while practicing handwriting and spelling. For him it seems easy but for me I am satisfied with the 10 minutes it takes and the benefits it supplies.


Jennie said...

Most kids answer lunch! I have alsways loved how Ben thinks!

This would be good to post on the Ning site! (hint, hint) ;)

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