Friday Funnies...

Ben filling his father's shoes
Every Fall the military takes time out to say thank you to the families who support the men and women in uniform. Families from all over the area come to the Guard base and spend an afternoon with the troops their loved ones serve alongside each month. This October we attended Family Day with my husband at his unit. While waiting for my husband to finish some business we waited in his office and just happened to witness the following.

Colonel sits down in the office and says, "Shirt (referring to my husband's rank), I've got a troop that just won't act right. And I just don't know what to do about it."

Thoughtfully my 8 year old puts his hands to his chin and then responds, "You know I think you ought to talk to him about it and give him a chance and I think he'll come around."

I think we were all a bit surprised by his wonderful response instead of his usual shurking behind a large object hoping that no one would notice him. haha


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