Happy Birthday Kaelyn

Thirteen years ago today, Jay and I welcomed in our beautiful baby girl. The day before she arrived Lauryn (age 4 then) and I were walking to school to pick up James (age 8 then). On our walk I lost my balance on a broken sidewalk and fell down. Lauryn looked down at me and said, "Mommy I tried to stop you from falling but you were just too heavy." LOL I was fine but my pride was a little scuffed. We made it to school and back home just fine.

The next day was the 15th and for anyone who has lived the military life you know this is pay day and Commissary day (grocery shopping). For some reason, Jay decided to go with me. We worked our way through the store aisle by aisle but about half way through I remember telling Jay that I didn't feel good. My back was hurting. We just brushed it off and kept on shopping.

Note: Lauryn was induced so I was already under sedation when the labor pains began. I really wasn't sure what it would feel like to go in to labor.

As we entered the checkout line, a light bulb went off and I turned to Jay and told him I was pretty sure I was in labor. When we reached the cashier Jay announced that we needed to hurry because of my contractions. Needless to say we got out of there pretty quick. He unpacked all the cold stuff and left the rest for another time. Ushered the kids across the street and off we drove to the hospital. When we got there the doctor told us that it would be at least a day before we had the baby and that we should go home and rest. REST? Was she crazy? So we went home,got the kids, and Jay dished out ice cream while I laid on the sofa wondering how in the world I was going to last another day. Finally I told Jay I couldn't take it any more and we had to go back to the hospital. The contractions were coming closer and more intensely. Surely this baby was coming! Feeling helpless, he loaded me back in the car and this time drove about 90 miles an hour as he watched me moan and groan in the passenger seat. The hospital was about 40 minutes away.

Perturbed the nursing staff checked me in and told me I had plenty of time but they would check me in anyhow. Jay settled in and began watching dirt bike racing. Everything around me was moving in slow motion but Kaelyn...she was determined that May 15 would be her birthday. I sent Jay to the nurse's station several times to let them know time was approaching and they sent him back to our room. On the last suggestion Jay said, "Do I have to go?" Not so politely I responded, "You tell them I am having this baby with or without them!" Within just a few moments we were holding our third child...Kaelyn Ann.

Today she is no longer a little girl! Happy Birthday Kaelyn


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