Looking back...

I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. -Abraham Lincoln

As the school year progresses slowly towards its end I become more reflective of what we have accomplished and learned. I separate the two because honestly what we don't accomplish can be just as important.

Mom's Lessons
  • I am reminded once again of the grace and goodness of God...even when I am struggling He is in control of everything.
  • I am reminded that children, no matter what the age, need their mother's love and encouragement.
  • I became more aware that I am the thermometer of the house and directly influence the atmosphere of our home.
  • I am reminded that more than anything I desire to create a safe and loving home where my children can laugh, learn, and grow.
  • I am reminded that life is filled with seasons...some longer than others, some joyful, some painful but still it is just for a season.
School Lessons
  • I learned that I love the flexibility of virtual co-ops and the opportunities it provides.
  • I learned that when all else fails, read read read.
  • I enjoyed notebooking and narrations this year and love seeing the fruits of our labor.
  • I am reminded that proper planning makes a happy homeschool.
  • I enjoyed discussing history and current events with the children and planting seeds along the way.
  • I am still trying to find my niche for writing but we plugged along in spite of my weakness.
  • I enjoyed reading living books to my children and creating our Book of Centuries.
Practical Lessons
  • I am  in love with my new planners! I have already ordered by 2010-2011 teacher planner.
  • I love our box system with my elementary student. Planning has become simple.
  •  Audiobooks have been helpful as I try to juggle three levels of literature.


Carol Flett said...

I enjoyed all of what you had to say in this post.

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