I would Walk 500 More...

This week my sister, Sharyn was contacted by the Walk for Lupus Now organization to feature her Walk webpage. What an exciting honor! As my daughter learns how to manage her disease, I am thankful that God provided some one in her life who could truly understand what this feels like. Some one that she could talk to and would listen when she thinks no one will understand. I am thankful for the strong example my sister has set before Lauryn. As I share with family about my daughter, those that knew my sister share stories of her never-give up attitude. We all have burdens. We all have struggles. It is what we do with those challenges that define our character. I am excited to see how God continues to use both of these amazing women!

We would love your prayers and support as we prepare for our walk, May 1st. Check out our Team Page or join our Facebook Fan Page.


Sharyn said...

You know we would "walk 500 more" to raise money for this very worthy cause. I am very excited to be participating with my family!:)
Love, Sharyn

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