Amazing "Grace"

Two wonderful women sat with me on a floor, books and papers cluttered the carpet while a great discussion commenced. This was my introduction to Tapestry of Grace (TOG).  From there my adventure with Year 1 began and I was quickly in love with all the many aspects of TOG.

This week TOG is unveiling their new buying guide. The hostess mom, Grace, will walk you through the steps of putting together the Tapestry products that are right for your unique family. She's here to make sure you don't miss anything! Grace's guide is also helpful for those browsing TOG products prior to making buying decisions, since you can take a walk through the entire ordering process and then either save your cart for later once you've gained more understanding of your choices and of product prices, or simply cancel your order at any point and start over later, when you're really ready to make a purchase!


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