The Mad Scientist


This year my middle daughter and I are tackling Apologia Physical Science. There is a bit of excitement for me this time around because I have already taught this class once before! At the beginning of the year I pulled out my old files and found my lesson plans; printed my file of On Your Own questions, study guide questions, and the module summary; and prepared her science notebook.

We cover one module every two weeks leaving time to work on labs. However labs has been the hardest part for me. We thoroughly enjoy doing them but often I find myself scrambling around at the last minute and then muddling through the lab report portion. So today I went to my favorite place for inspiration...Google. In my quest, I revisited an old favorite and found some helpful lab report resources. From there I found a link to a lab report blog.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Name: first & last

  • Date

  • Experiment # & title

  • Materials

  • Method/Procedure

  • Results

  • Drawing/Charts

  • Conclusion - what you have learned

I believe that modeling is the best way to learn and this helps builds the proper foundation for the higher sciences. Another fun tool is powerpoint. Using the study guide as my guide we use different slides to illustrate and discuss the main ideas. Yes, I am a technology/gadget nerd so I look for all kinds of opportunities to merge my passions with homeschooling.


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