Digital Diva...

This week I have been learning about a whole new world called "virtual co-oping." About a year ago, I began to roll around in my mind just how this could be done. Then I found some wonderful ladies who have pioneered this process and have had a successful co-op for five years now.

The toolbox:

  • - this is a free online whiteboard. I have looked at others but this one has been pretty user far.
  • power point - this is where I have been working the most preparing slides to go with my lectures.
  • online file sharing system - I personally like
    schedule - with yahoo groups you can have a shared calendar listing class times, important dates, vacations, etc.
  • like-minded families - this is the key to success

Here is a sample of my work for Apologia Human Body module 1. The kids will have the opportunity to answer questions by "virtually" raising their hands, discuss live the subject matter, review, even play games, or take a quiz. The possibilities are endless!


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