Today is a relatively quiet day...and that is a great blessing! Over the past few weeks my family is been overwhelmed with the daily grind; most of it beyond our control. It has been too long since I have rested my own mind and just soaked in the day. As I type, I can hear the sounds of the wind rustling through the trees and the faint voice of Ben playing outside. There is something so amazing about the sounds of "nothing."

This past week, I had the wisest councel as a friend came and helped me talk out the mechanics of our school plan. It is always so fruitful to have a friend's advice. Our days have been improving but we still have much we can improve upon. This week we will be switching spines in Lauryn's living Biology class. She has really enjoyed journaling and drawing, but the reading from the spine has difficult. With gentle encouragement, my friend wisely pointed out what I could not see.

When we stop and just listen to the sounds of "nothing" there is so much liberty in our thoughts. Being so caught up in just tying to survive the past 3 weeks without my husband I couldn't hear the warning signs. Thank goodness for grace! I am truly a work-in-progress.


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