A Day in the Life of...

I get an email from a friend that basically asks if I have trouble getting started on Mondays. Here is my response!

Monday...so far
8:00 woke up and got ready for school, short prayer time
8:30 began trying to wake up the girls
9:00 Meghan arrived
9:15 Kaelyn STILL not up!!
9:30 James is pacing the kitchen waiting for me to take him to work.
I am trying to read emails and figure out why my phone won't send out emails! AHH
9:40 Finally give up and take James to work
10:00 Arrived back home to find girls reading science
10:15 Try to convince the girls we should take our math quiz
Start to respond to this email
Still trying to figure the stupid phone
10:20 Friend calls, "Help we are pulling our son of out school. What do we do?"
11:50 Asked Lauryn to help the girls write their paragraph on Gregory the Great
Make lunch for Ben
12:00 Try to convince Ben we should start school. He still wants to play!
12:00 Bring laptop to table to finish your email and work on paragraph with girls
12:05 Laptop crashes!!! Lost your email!!! AHHH
After much up and down between Ben, girls, and Lauryn finally start the day!!
1:00 Girls reviewing phonograms on DVD
Ben is finally ready to do the math he misplaced earlier in the morning.


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