We're off to see the Wizard...

The wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I am so excited this year I am taking the advice of Rafe Esquith (Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire) and starting my year off with something enjoyable...and sneaking in a bit of teaching at the same time! What better way than a classic like Dorothy and company to help my children review literary analysis, narrate, and do some critical thinking. Yes, I know we are missing math but I can work that in too! Did you know that when the Scarecrow gets his diploma from the Wizard he is actually incorrectly quoting the theoram? And did you know that this was done on purpose to poke fun at the idea that a piece of paper defines your intelligence?

We will enjoy the movie (with all the movie fixings) and then discuss. First we will outline the basics of every story. Who is the protagonist? antagonist? Where did it take place? What is the plot? the climax? theme? Oh and then there's so much more! I can't wait to hear what conversations will develop.

Just some fun trivia to get your wheels spinning.

  • There were two Toto's. The original Toto was injured and had to have a replacement for a period of time.
  • During early filming, Dorothy was blond.
  • Buddy Epson (Uncle Jed) was the original Scarecrow but had an allergic reaction to the make up and had to resign.
  • The Wicked Witch was originally designed to be beautiful and more like the witch from Snow White.
  • Shirley Temple was considered for the role of Dorothy.
  • "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was cut from the film because it was thought to slow down the momentum of the movie. It was later returned.
  • Some people believe the L. Frank Baum wrote this American fairy tale with a political allegory in mind.
Hope this inspires you as you begin your school year!


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