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I can't be the only one this happens to. Browsing the blog community and come across a great idea. I can do that, you say and next thing you know you are in the home improvement/craft store looking for the little treasures you read about.

With stars in my eyes, I recently discovered a DIY headboard from Thrifty Décor Chic and off to home depot I went to buy my piece of wood for our very own DIY headboard.

This would be a good time to mention I am less than handy.

No worries the nice home depot man cut it for me! Smile I brought it home sharing my idea with my hubby and he smiled encouragingly. The girls and I were hard at work and created this headboard using fabric from an old curtain.   

zebra print headboard

It went well and so I was hooked! I wanted to make another for our shabby chic French country bedroom. Using the other half of our board and an $8 drop cloth from Home Depot, we headed back to the garage.
Remember how I said I wasn’t handy? Well I couldn’t even staple the staples into the board. HA!


Enter my HandyMan…J. Before we knew it our headboard was getting revamped. Instead of just a boring old fabric-covered board, J suggested framing it with a trim piece. And so we started over.

First we pulled out all my staples…yes all 10 of them! No judging please. We made a quick run up to Home Depot where J found some trim pieces that we could use to frame the headboard. Then we used the trim piece as our measuring device and cut the foam where from the board where the trim piece will now be attached. In case you were wondering…

I helped clamp the trim piece to the board!

This would be a great time to note that I LOVE working in the garage with J. He puts up with all my crazy ideas and most of the time, makes my visions become reality.


He then used a few staples to attach the remaining foam to the board. Originally I used spray adhesive but J felt this would be more reliable.





Then we recovered the board with the drop cloth and a few staples. This time J did the stapling and it went MUCH smoother.


Time for my contribution to the project! I painted the trim pieces. While the paint was drying my mind was racing. I have LOTS of ideas and instead of watching paint dry, why not get started on that next project!

Yes that IS how my mind works.

“Oh hey, can we cut that mat for the picture?”  More on that later!

Part two of the headboard project coming soon!


Sharyn said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!!

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