Round 2...

We have come a long way since our family first learned that my daughter had Lupus. I can remember feeling a sense of relief that we could finally give it a name. I know this may sound stange to some but I never prayed that God would relieve her of this burden but rather that He would show us what it was. I never challenged that He was in control, I only prayed for strength and wisdom to get through the difficult days. I wish I could tell you that I handled each day with incredibly beauty most days I think we were all just muddling through. Tears stream down my face as I think of her laying in her bed unable to get up. I pause and reflect upon the many days her knees were so swollen or she would call on the phone scared because she couldn't move her fingers.

Last year we walked to make a statement of support. She walked to tell herself that Lupus would not define her but rather be a part of her. This year we are walking once more to support her but also to celebrate. This time last year we were struggling to get a grip on daily living let alone school. This year we are celebrating the goodness of God, the strength of family, and the perserverance of one young lady. We are excited that all six of us will walk together on May 21st. 


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