Organized Simplicity...Writing the Purpose Statement

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living
As you may have previously read, I am enjoying reading through Organized Simplicity. I find myself working through drawers and closets a little bit at a time and feeling like with each effort I am working towards my goal of simple living.

Recently I added myself to my husband's work schedule and booked us a staycation getaway. Tucked away in my suitcase was my book. One of my goals was to just sit and talk with him and work through a family purpose statement. Over a leisurely breakfast in the hotel lobby, we sat and discussed our family. I listened as he shared his thoughts and opinions...he was a patient man to do this with me. As he spoke I wrote down what he said and have spent the past few days mulling over our conversation.

Our family is entering a new season as one more prepares to leave the nest but two still remain. I have been deeply challenged by this task. As I put our conversation in to a simple timeless purpose statement I find words like intentional, service, and love surrounding the goals and ideals we are raising our family in. I am pondering, at least for a while, putting our statement in a framed chalkboard to rest on our kitchen table. This is the place where we school, where we eat, where we build relationships. It seems only fitting.


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