Oh Christmas Tree...

It was just before Thanksgiving and all the stores were busting at the seams with Christmas goodies. The girls and I were shopping with my husband. My oldest daughter asked if we could look at the Christmas trees. After all our tree was at least 15 years old and showing some tremendous wear and tear. The dialogue began, "We need a new tree..." The younger daughter vehemently objected and if memory serves correct there may have even been a few tears shed at the thought of chucking the old tree for a newer model. Emotions began to overflow as both parties petitioned their cases before dad, judge and financier of all Christmas purchases. Who knew a Christmas tree would cause such emotion? One loved the tradition of the same tree being drug out year after year while the other desired something newer and more realistic. Then the conversation turned, "How about a real tree?"

I must stop for a moment and let you all know that up until that point I have only had fake trees to decorate for Christmas. We grew up in Florida...Christmas consists of shorts, mild weather, fake trees, and watching snow on TV!

My husband was intrigued by the idea of a real tree. In 14 years of marriage we had never had one but where would we get one. And so the search began. On Thanksgiving we shared the story with our family and my sister-in-law mentioned a place she liked going. The kids were getting exciting. Since we were passing by on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner we decided to stop and check it out. My kids wasted no time hunting for the fullest, tallest tree our home could fit. Soon they had discovered the perfect tree. I remember asking the man all kinds of questions about how to keep this tree alive. I mean fake trees don't require much maintenance. At one point my husband mentioned a tip he heard about putting an aspirin in the water. The man quickly replied, "Trees don't get headaches do they?"

So we picked our tree...our first real tree. This began the journey of new Christmas traditions which I will post next time.


Woodpile Mom said...

I admit to jealousy. I love a real tree. We actually put up both. The real tree which gets to get all glammed up in high design, and the fabulous fake which gets all the kiddos love and is full of Christmas memories. But when the babes are small (as in under two) I don't do a real tree. Until next year........
I can guess on some of those new traditions. ;-)
BTW I have no idea if this says what it is supposed to because it is not showing me typed letters whether computer code. Very, very weird.

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