The Christmas Box...

As I typed the title all I could think of was the Christmas Shoes song but no that is not where my blog post is going. Instead I wanted to share our most recent Christmas tradition inspired by our Christmas tree debate in the middle of Target last year.

My husband was touched by the sincerity in oldest daughter. He just kept asking, "How can we give her that?" My sister, AKA the ReDesign Fairy, stopped by and helped us tweak our Christmas decor. I do love when she does that. ;-) We began eating dinner by candlelight and Pandora's Christmas music. The atmosphere was palpable...Christmas was in the air. But still we wanted a tangible reminder of Lauryn's wish so we came up with the Christmas box.

I shopped around for fun Christmas PJ's and began stuffing a large box. We added hot chocolate, M&M's (if you know me at all you know that I adore M&M's), and the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Even though I knew we were on the right track something was missing. She would open the box and pull everything out but would she know that this was our attempt at making her wish come true? So we wrapped the box and hid it in the back corner behind the tree and waited until all the presents were opened. Attached to to the top of the box was the following poem:

It happened one Holiday season
when the Hurley children discovered the reason
In Target none the less
I head the young lady confess
"I want Christmas to be magical and filled with Holiday cheer
To spend with my family upon the midnight clear."
I was struck by your wish so sincere
I paused for a moment to dry my tear
There was work to be done; a wish to fulfill
Had to work fast, no time to kill
First I convinced your father to see
The joy of having a real Christmas tree
Then I sent you the redesign fairy
To make the decor a little more merry
The stockings were hung, the tree filled with lights
Pinecones and garland were strung, while the music filled the night
Now there is but one thing more
Tear open this box; see what's in store


Jennie said...

Sounds like a wonderful new tradition. Inspires me to be more aware of what Traditions we have in our family and making sure the next generation knows them! ;)

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