So Now What?

I can remember being a little girl and going to my dad's office. He had a large desk cluttered with papers and behind him was a vast bookshelf filled with books. One summer, I am sure in an effort to keep me busy, he assigned me the job of stamping his books on the inside cover. From the library of Ben F. Ward, Jr. He even had the pockets for me to put on the inside back cover just like the public libraries. His collection was filled with classics and non-fiction. My mother shared years later that he read every book in his library. Today I have some of his collection in my own library now. It is truly special to pull out one of his books for a school reading assignment or just for pleasure. I always share with the kids that this was their grandfather's book and they should take extra special care of it. I can not think of a better legacy to leave your children than a love for books.

Just a snapshot of my summer reading ambitions.


Cindy Elavsky said...

I remember those books! I always admired them, and always wanted some just like them — leatherbound classics all in a row. Thanks for reminding me :)

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