Fun Sisters Only...

Have you ever watched those shows on HGTV where they only have a weekend to get a room ready for the big unveiling? They rush around on crazy mini-decorating adventures while the cameras roll and at the end we see the fruits of their labor in the before and after montage. Well that was my weekend.

Before sunrise my day began by driving to the airport and picking up my sister...the ReDesign Fairy (Sharyn). After a quick nap we loaded up the car and began our little road trip. Conversation and laughter passed the time and by dinner we had arrived at our other sister's (Denene) home. Before we knew it we were already on our way to making lists and moving furniture. The first order of business...painting the coffee table and end tables. While getting the paint we picked up some curtains and some candles. The ReDesigner worked her magic and nailed it. Inspired, we worked late in to the night packing up items for charity, moving furniture and discussing all the possibilities.

Adrenaline was my caffeine for the day and there I was lying in bed anxious to start the day. Prepping for painting, hanging curtains, moving more furniture the morning disappeared. By lunch I could already begin to feel my muscles warning me that they were not appreciating my hard work but still I pressed on. We discovered that Denene has a bit of ADD and while we were still working on one room she was asking questions and trying to prep for the others. We laughed, ate, and continued on our own version of an HGTV adventure. One idea had to be altered as we discovered that her dining room chairs were literally falling apart. Painting them was out. On an errand run, Denene stopped at a store and texted the decorator some chairs. We chose the leather parson chairs to go with the Caribbean theme but they would have to be assembled. Our painting job was rushed as rain clouds rolled in but still we persevered. Now on to furniture assembly. Oh the agony of not being good with my hands. I have a handy husband for this very reason! Allen wrenches...bolts...washers...instruction sheets...God was testing my abilities. Did I mention that we are now on 11:00 PM? Finally I get one chair (out of four) assembled. Yes I said one and I was proud of myself! LOL Exhausted we all three fell in to bed to watch TV. Then Sharyn asked where the cookie dough was and off we went to make an emergency batch of yummy peanut butter, m&m, chocolate chip goodness. Somewhere shortly after I gave up and went to bed.

Our final morning in Tennessee and only a few hours until Denene's husband was to return, we had much to complete. As I walked down the hallway toward the living room (at this point it was almost complete) I saw Denene sitting on her sofa just taking it all in. We were tired. We were sore. But we saw the finish line and couldn't wait to see the finished product. We planned out the next few hours knowing that Denene's husband would be home before lunch. Confident it would be done we began working. Then we heard Denene yell, "He's home?!?!" Oh great. Now what? If you can't beat 'em retreat to your man cave and wait them out. Our last set of curtains were hung, trash bags were carried outside, and then some cleaning. Finally...picture time. Our FSO (Fun Sisters Only) weekend has concluded.


Jennie said...

Great post, Shelley! sounds like you all had a wonderfully productive fun sisters only time!! And the final result is amazing! Great job!!

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