The Well-Planned Day

This is my absolute favorite planner hands down.

Planner OR Recorder  - www.wellplannedday.comThe homeschooling life can quickly become busy and when you can not find the time to plan out your class assignments, no worries. Simply use the Well-Planned Day to record your child's daily schoolwork and activities. Recording your homeschool day helps you stay on track and keeps you motivated as you look back over all that has been accomplished.
2. Dinner is Ready!
Research has shown the value of families enjoying dinner around the table. With the Well-Planned Day, planning your meals becomes a breeze. Use the dinner menu to plan your weekly meals and the perforated shopping list to organize your trip to the grocery store.
3. Compatible with Year Round Schooling
Home educating schedules vary from family to family, but regardless of your annual routine, the Well-Planned Day will accommodate! Beginning in July 1st and ending in June, each planner is a full 12 months.
4. Chore and Assignment Charts for Young Ones
Help young children develop good habits with the perforated chore and assignment charts. To use, simply tear out, laminate and use all year long with dry erase markers.
5. Read through the Bible in a Year Family Devotions

As Jonathan Edwards stated, “Family education and order are some of the chief means of grace. If these fail, all other means are likely to prove ineffectual.” Family Worship can be planned using the month-at-a-glance scripture references. Using a thematic approach, you can enjoy reading through different sections of the Bible all year long.
Biblical Themes:

Day of the Week Theme Books of the Bible

Monday Law Genesis - Deuteronomy

Tuesday History Joshua - Esther

Wednesday Psalms Psalm

Thursday Poetry Job, Proverbs - Song of Solomon

Friday Prophecy Isaiah - Malachi, Revelations

Saturday Gospels Matthew - Acts

Sunday Letters Romans - Jude

6. Attendance and Progress Reports PLUS Report Cards!

Track each students progress and attendance and issue report cards at the end of the year. Report cards can be used in your community for special discounts, freebies, and to show off to the grandparents!

7. Homeschool Encouragement

Be encourage all year long as you educate your children with articles from the Home Educating Family Magazine. Challenging articles focusing on parenting, marriage, and homeschooling.


Raising a Writer

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Welcome to the Adventure

History ReVisited

and more....

8. Type, Save and Print PDF Version
 New this year, the pdf versions have been recently updated to a format that allows typing, saving and printing.

10. The Pretty Factor!

Best of all the Well-Planned Day is a full-color, beautifully designed planner developed with homeschool moms in mind. Each page is thoughtfully orchestrated with a consistent flow, making homeschool planning enjoyable!


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