Virtual Conferencing...

Virtual Conferencing Continues!

Our Virtual Conference Booth opened the first of May, and has been going strong. To our delight, hundreds of folks are downloading and benefiting from our two Tapestry Teacher's Training sessions – "Out of the Shrink-wrap" and "Lesson Planning 101." These helpful audio-visual presentations, hosted by Marcia Somerville, are like workshops that you'd expect to see given at state conventions, and we hope that, over the summer, you'll collect all eight sessions.

Tapestry Teacher Training Sessions in June

Our Tapestry Teacher Training will continue in June with two great new webinars. They are again hosted by Marcia, and are entitled "Gaining Vision for Teaching High School" and "Teaching Grammar and Dialectic Students." These sessions are scheduled to be launched in early June, and are both priced at $7.


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