Da Da Da Da Da Da...

I think I love Spring most of all the seasons. Maybe it is the way that everything seems to wake up and stretch and reveal its beauty once again. Maybe it is the way our spirits lift as we emerge from the cold darkness of winter. Maybe it is all the chatter and activity of children as they run outside still afraid that the sunny days will be few and far between. Whatever it is I think I love Spring most of all the seasons.

I think this season in particular reflects some things going on in our own family...trying to wake up from a cold darkness of seasons past. This year has been filled with one challenge after another and each challenge continues to reveal that I can do nothing without His help. This winter in particular my oldest daughter was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease known as Lupus. It is truly as unique as individuals. In our home, Lupus is the challenge that makes getting out of bed difficult. It is the pain felt in her joints as she tries to wash her hair. It is pain in her chest and a soreness all over that makes normal activities feel challenging. We have journeyed through the advice of specialists and find ourselves right back where we started. To be honest this journey parallels are experience with school. I trust the "specialists" to know what is best for my children, almost forsaking my God-given right as the parent to make those difficult decisions (but that is a different discussion). Today, for the first time in quite a long time, I am seeing glimpses of the past. A laughter that is not forced, just contagious; a smile that is not for show, just genuine; an energy that is not fleeting, but more steady. It is not perfect. We have a long way to go but today I can hide this season in my heart and draw strength that with each Spring comes renewal and hope and sheer joy as we experience the smallest of blessings!

On May 1st, many from my family as well as friends are walking with us to help raise money for Lupus research.


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