Think of a Happy Little Thought...

We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together. Walt Disney

And so we did just fun together. A couple of weeks ago we loaded up the family (Yes even our dog) and headed down to Disney World. Growing up in Florida, I have wonderful memories of Disney World. One year, the whole family camped on the property for a whole week. Of course there was only the Magic Kingdom back then so we had lots of time to explore. I can also remember loading up on the big yellow school buses for Hooray Day at Epcot and a even had a school field trip to Hollywood Studios.

This year we decided to wait until the crowds died down and tried to hit the four Kingdoms during their "slow time." The first day we woke up early and headed for the Magic Kingdom. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Disney does indeed have a slow time. With virtually no wait on all of our rides, we were able to truly enjoy the magic. At one point my husband said, "That's it! From now on we are only vacationing during September."


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