Step by Step You'll Lead Me...

Recently I have been contemplating "the quiet home" and what that means. I have this image of obedient children, soft-spoken words, dinner at six, bedtime stories, and constant laughter. Ideally we strive for such peaceful, loving homes and in my case still come up short.

This month, our book club, is reading Stepping Heavenward. What a lovely portrait of a young girl who strives continuously toward Christ. It is filled with mundane activity, sorrow, joy, suffering, friendships, and great blessings. Of course, for Katy, this journey is filled with the realization that alone she can not accomplish this. This has given me great pause in my own life. Am I stopping to find the joy in an afternoon of imagination instead of chores? Am I embracing struggles as times to show God's goodness?

These thoughts have lingered as I read. Then on Monday, I listened to a homeschool webinar ( that!) on "Tips for Teaching a Houseful" and there was that same idea...the quiet house...facing me once again. This has caused me to start examining our activities and discerning which will allow my children to grow and which will ultimately invade upon the peaceful atmosphere I am striving for. This has caused me to consider my teaching style and examine where I can improve. Prayfully, I am seeking what the rhythm of my new school year will be like. Last year was more like a jazz piece filled with excitement, activity, and transition. This year I am longing for something more simple and inviting. I will not always achieve perfection. In fact most days I am sure I will come up short. But I am beginning to understand that it is as much about the steps taken as it is about the final destination. Each serve a purpose. Each have the opportunity for growth. I pray my steps are heavenward as my destination is there with Christ.


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