The Freedom Trail

I am a firm believer in continuing education...not just for your children but for yourself as well. In the spirit of that, I have recently signed up for a FREE (love those!) webinar on The Making of America. It is a series put on monthly that takes the listener through an interactive journey of the Founding Fathers. This week's lesson was on the principles of freedom.

I am reminded that all too often we call ourselves educated and knowledgeable without truly studying our own nation's history. Our schools have neglected teaching the sense of responsiblity and providence that our Founding Fathers carried. We gloss over the extensive wisdom each one had. Our own lawmakes do not truly understand the limits of their authority because we have allowed education to become a formula...something we can track with numbers and charts. If we are truly created as individuals then how can we all be measured by the same standards. Not every child reads at age five but that does not mean he will never read. Not every child will be able to do Calculus but this does not mean that they will not be successful adults. We have become lazy in our duty to education and to our own freedoms.

I am passionate about education. I believe it is one of the core foundations to a strong nation as well as a strong individual. This year we will be studying the Constitution as well as continuing on to the time of Roosevelt. I am excited to study and share this journey with my children


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