Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?

I am happy to say that this year my garden may actually grow.

I have been teasing that I am raising each of my children to be good at different things. One is an excellent cleaner, another is a wonderful caregiver, and one is developing her green thumb. This works out great for me! This week we have been preparing our front flower beds for beautiful color. OK more Kaelyn than myself. I love to watch her work in her little "secret garden." Sometimes I will catch her hiding under the crape myrtle, tucked behind the shrub just letting time pass by. She finds beauty in the solitude...this place she has made her own. Each spring I take her to pick out plants and her face comes alive with all the possibilities.

So far we have planted marigolds, geraniums, african daisy, petunia, and a few other I am not sure the name of. Now if I could just convince her to start a container garden on the deck!


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