Between a father & his son

Sunday my husband will be leaving us for 3 weeks to attend First Sgt. Academy for the Air Force. As you can imagine there is a lot of mental preparation that goes in to this for all of us. We have been talking about it for quite some time. Last night Jay decided to lie down with our youngest, who is six, and talk to him about this. As Jay shared Ben's eyes welled up with tears. He tried so hard not to choke up but his emotions were right there. He wanted to show his dad that he could be grown up about this. Trying to swallow his tears he replied, "I need to stop this." Then he began touching the lump he felt in his throat. Still not understanding time, three weeks felt like a lifetime. He told his dad he was worried that he would have a birthday (which is in May) before Jay got home. As you can imagine, Jay came to bed rather quiet still pondering the moments between a father and his son...


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