Embarrassing to Admit...but fun!

OK so a while back we had a fire ant problem and no bug spray on hand to kill them. Being the internet savvy mom that I am (lol), I decided to google search ways to kill ants. I came across one that suggested we pour boiling water over the ant hill making sure we use enough to kill the queen. This intrigued us SO...we tried it. All the kids in the neighborhood gathered for days to look at the results. My kids would come back reporting new discoveries.

This morning, we were on our way to church when my 11 yr. old showed me a rather large ant hill and without skipping a beat asked if we could boil water to kill it. Once again we gathered all the pots we could find and filled them to the top. After all them reached boiling temperature we walked out to the mound. The first thing my daughter noticed was small white specs surfacing to the top. They almost looked liked grains of rice. Then she noticed as we were heading back to pour the next batch of water that the surviving ants were feverishly working to move their food. This fascinated us so we watched for a while...then we poured the water over them!

I know! It sounds cruel and I hate to admit it but it is so fascinating to watch! J


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