Forty & Fabulous–part 2

Yesterday I began the daunting task of sharing 40 life events in celebration of starting this new decade. So without further delay here is the next installment.


11. July 1984 – I became an aunt at the ripe old age of 12! The morning after the twins were born there was a double rainbow in the sky. I think God put that there just for them. Smile

12. May 1986 – One of my sisters got married the same weekend as my 8th grade dance. While I was excited about my sister getting married, I was still missing my first big school dance.

13. 1987-1988 – I was on the Oviedo High School dance corps. Oh the memories of wearing an all orange uniform and heavy green eye shadow. Yeah, you try being a blood red redhead and pulling off ALL orange! Ack

14. 1988-1990 – I played clarinet on the Oviedo High School marching band.

15. 1990 – Senior year of high school and finally graduation.

16. June 1990 – My first real job working as a secretary for an insurance company in Winter Park, Florida.

17. June 1990 – As part of a graduation gift, my girlfriend & I flew out to San Francisco and stayed for a week….by ourselves. I still can’t believe my parents let a 17 year old girl go without supervision. We had such a great time!

18. 1991 – I moved out! Need I say more? 18 years old, employed, going to school  in-de-pen-dent! Woo Hoo

19. August 1992 – I moved to Tennessee and began classes at Carson Newman College. I met, what became, my best friend the first week I lived there. I met her on a double date and we were trouble from then on. haha

20. August  1993 – My daughter, Lauryn, was born! Read about it HERE


Tonya Rea said...

Hey Shelley you can add the "Blizzard of 93":) just how many people did we have trapped in our little townhouse??? I do remember the cookie cake you made to celebrate the big event:)

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