Walk for Lupus - 2012

Spring is in the air and May is fast approaching. For our family, this means tons of birthdays, the end of a school year, and our annual Lupus Walk. The piedmont chapter of the Lupus association has made a fun interactive website for the Wards Walkers and we would love for you to leave us a comment or write on our Facebook page and like our page!


In my blog I have shared our personal walk with lupus and how it has affected our family. I am proud of both my sister and my daughter. For me these are the faces I see when I think of lupus. I have watched them persevere and accept what God has given them with grace and dignity. I am blessed to walk for lupus alongside them.

Every year, we have had a great time preparing for this event. The first year three generations of Ward women walked with my daughter as she dealt with the knowledge of this chronic illness. I still get choked up thinking of how special it was to have her surrounded by her friends and embraced by wonderful women. We made a full weekend out of it, including a spa day and cook-out the night before.  We tie-dyed tee shirts and made hats with the butterfly hand drawn on them. The second year was more quiet, with graduation the following weekend, we decided to make our walk just a family event. We made tee shirts with our own Wards Walkers logo.This year we are ready to walk again and do not know what to do!

Do we create a new logo for our walkers? Just wear the same color? Or be boring and have no team spirit. Smile with tongue out Let me know what you think. Leave a comment on our walk page or on our facebook page!


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